Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We are trying to figure this thingamagigger out, but limited on time. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

In the mean time, we've been busy with BBQ's almost every weekend. We had a BBQ for Janna's brother Dick and nephew Pierce when they visited 2 weeks ago; one for a birthday party last Sunday for our good friend Sherry; and then again on Monday when Staci (Janna's niece) and her boyfriend stopped in for a quick visit to Utah. We love to BBQ and can't get enough of it! Please come be our next guest. Randy's Tri-tip is incredible!!! And the grilled pineapple soaked in coconut milk and Jamaican vanilla is to die for!

Randy's new job is going well. He was given an compliment that the owners and VP's "know who he is" because he's doing great in selling enhancements. Yesterday he had his highest day in sales since he started. I am SO PROUD of him! He's also very busy as the Executive Secretary and is at the church 3 nights a week (nice knowing my new husband). Janna is busy with the D-TV conversion at BYU Broadcasting for KBYU Television. She's also the camp director for girls camp for our ward with an additional calling coming soon.

We'll upload some more photos soon, as out of time and gotta run out the door.