Friday, July 31, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

July 16, 2009:
I started crying when the ultrasound lady told us it was a boy for sure! We both were not surprised…we told her that we both thought it was a boy.

Actually the night before we went---I asked Randy to pray that I wouldn’t be disappointed if we found out it was a Girl instead. He didn’t say that in the prayer…but we still both knew inside it was a boy.

Randy asked me if it is more REAL to me now. NOPE! I still can’t feel him yet, so here is our little alien baby. Isn’t he so CUTE!

Judy (my sister) said, “We already know what he is going to look like…ISAAC!” (My nephew, Issac, looks just like ME when I was that age—in the BOY VERSION!!! And a good thing that he is SO DANG CUTE…so I hope he is a blonde little Ikey!!!)

July 31, 2009:
We are doing GREAT! I am still feeling really good. I am gaining weight, but I don’t really look pregnant yet…which will be interesting when I start wearing maternity clothes probably by next month in September. The baby definitely doesn’t like to be squished, so I have just been wearing bigger sized clothing. We go in for our 20 week ultra sound on Tuesday Aug, 4th at 4:30pm. We will be able to find out if there are any problems and make sure he is developing okay. One of our friends has been telling us about the 4-D ultra sounds. We saw some pictures advertising that you can do that now…absolutely amazing—it’s an actual photograph of your baby before he is born…so we will definitely have to look into that when we are closer to the due date.

We have been cleaning out the back room to get ready to turn it into a nursery. That has been a huge project because Randy and I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!!! J We are finding creative new ideas and ways to pack and store things. We found a little storage unit that we put on our balcony to help create space. Randy did a great job putting it together, putting all of our Christmas decorations in it and re-arranging our little storage unit we have on the side of our house. Now we are tackling the back bedroom and our room---it should be interesting. Hopefully we can find places to put everything. Both of us have been getting rid of old clothes and things we don’t need or use anymore. Nice SUMMER cleaning!

Randy has still been looking for another job, but we haven’t been able to find anything for him yet. He is so ready to, “Get out of the Sweat Shop” as he proclaims everyday.

Our church callings have been keeping us SO BUSY! They took me out of Sunday School and put be as the Young Women’s 1st Counselor, so now I get to go to meetings along w/ Randy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays night too. J

My 20 year HS Reunion was a blast and Randy was such a good sport meeting all of my old friends. He is so great (and so patient all of the time w/ all of the crazy things I rope him into!)

My nephew Judson arrived in Russia safely and he is doing well on his mission…my other nephew Andy is also doing FANTASTIC w/ lots of baptisms while he is currently serving in Logan, UT. And my nephew Alex is coming home at the end of September from Samara, Russia. He is excited to get into school as he has been trying to apply to BYU and BYU-Idaho. Mom and Dad are still enjoying their Thursday nights as ARP Addiction Recovery Missionaries. I think it is such a great opportunity and example for them to serve as missionaries.

Judy is running her little Sno Shack in Boise for the summer. My nephew, nieces, sister Melanie and brother in law Dan are all working for her. Such a fun fun fun family business!!! And thank good the weather is HOT and the shaved ice is so delicious!My niece Staci is moving to Salt Lake to be near her boyfriend from South Dakota. We are so excited…her boyfriend, Ryan, is getting baptized on August 15th and my sister and brother in law are coming from South Dakota and Greg (my b-in-law) is going to baptize him. Mom and Dad and Melanie’s kids are coming too, so it will be so fun to have everyone here in Provo w/ us for the weekend.

Randy’s friends Mike and Brenda Scarlett are also coming to Utah in August for Mike to baptize his niece. We are excited to see them too.

For our birthdays coming up on the 9th and 10th Randy and I are going to go to the Anniversary Inn in SLC. We haven’t decided which room, but we thought that would be an excellent way to celebrate!!!

That’s about everything going on in our lives. Let us know what is going on in yours.

~Janna & Randy