Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Randy and I have been super busy with our full-time jobs and full-time Church Callings. Randy is the Executive Secretary to the Bishop so he basically lives at the Church, and needs to be there whenever the Bishop is there. Janna just got called as the Girls Camp Director and the new Teenagers Sunday School Class. "The Wicked Never Rest...and the Righteous never need any." Our motto.

We got to go to Vegas over Conference Weekend to visit Randy's brother's family Chris, Michelle, Dustin and Sadie. There is a new park in their neighborhood that we stayed for hours watching the kids run and play. The sun was out and it felt great to be outdoors and watch Chris roll down the hill. Janna also got to attend "Nastics" w/ Michelle and Sadie. They start kids out as early as 18 mo. old in their gymnastics programs. They teach the kids stretching, flexibility, colors, numbers, plus all the gymnastics moves. For little 2 year old Sadie...I was pretty impressed.

We thoroughly enjoyed In-N-Out on our way to Vegas and Back. Randy and I would eat it everyday if possible, so maybe they shouldn't come to Utah?!

We are heading to Boise this weekend for Easter and for Janna's nephew, Judson's, Mission Farewell. Jud is heading to Russia and will be 5000 miles away from his older brother, Alex, who is also currently serving in Russia. We just got him some new books and supplies from the Distribution Center here in Provo, and are excited for Judson to head out! The Waltmans will be bringing him to the MTC on the 21st of April. We love having our friends and family around.