Sunday, May 10, 2009

Coming This December

Yep, Janna is expecting. There will be another Raider fan in the world soon. (Can never have too many of those) She is due December 22nd. Here's the story of how I found out. I was watching the Laker game about a week ago and Janna went to get ready for bed. Once the game was over (yes, the Lakers won against jazz) I went to go climb into bed and on my pillow were these two bottles with bubble gum cigars in them.
Janna is 7 weeks along. We were waiting to tell everyone after we told our parents on Mother's Day. We mailed Mother's Day cards to our parents, but they said Grandma and Great Grandma to make for a nice surprise. Janna is doing very well, hasn't had any sickness to which some of her sisters are jealous.
This should give us reason to update our blog more often. Stay tuned for futher details...